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I’m back to reselling gachas! Shop’s name is ‘007' — yeah, double O seven :D formerly Gacha Freak On! Still adding stuff but it’s open already. I like this setup better than the former because I resized the same structure and made it bigger. not really sure why I didn’t do this before lol

TP HERE and do come back every now and then as I will be updating the stock often :) remember to slap the board to get yourself a LM. thanks and enjoy shopping!

what goes around…


as they say, there’s always a story behind every picture and this post is one of my ‘gratitude posts’ for two SL artists (Zaara Kohime and Olaenka Chesnokov). see, sometimes I underestimate, albeit unaware, the effects of what a simple kind deed we do for others. may it be our reply to their query on group chats when nobody else seems to bother responding, help someone complete some sort of…

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