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I check out goodies from Fifty Linden Friday (FLF) and it’s nice to get something this gorgeous for such an affordable price. Uh-hu L$50! OK… now look at the outfit because I don’t recall FLF selling breedable/pet horses. They are gorgeous too and you can actually ride them but we’re talking about Junbug’s “Mrs. Darcy” gown here hehe

I’m happy I was able to get this gown plus the floral pumps,…

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collabor88 (july 2014)


This month’s theme for Collabor88 is in the wild heart of the Safari. I got excited because *points above* I knew I would see elephants!  Plus, I love earth tones as well, which mostly makes up my wardrobe in both lives. Funny thing is, this elephant costume? I wished to have one in RL for my birthday this year but it never happened. It was supposed to be a crazy but fun plan but since I needed…

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always the guest, never the bride

always the guest, never the bride

I’ve been to a bunch of weddings, summed up RL and SL, I lost count already. I started walking down the aisle since I was a little girl, dressed in pretty lil gowns and adorned with fresh lovely flowers — then the ‘curse’ grew as I got older *coughs* Attending sibs’ weddings, cousins’, friends’, etc. I was that cute chubby flower girl making people smile until years passed, upgraded to being…

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