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For my fellow petites out there! I kinda lost touch with my lil self for quite sometime now so it’s cool to find this shop selling stuff for our pretty tiny selves ^_^ It’s just recently too that I found out about petites wearing Lolas Tango O.O Yeah… like I said, I’ve been out of touch from my itsy bitsy avatar a loooong time but now I’m excited to try some of these on and bring my petite back to life! Hee

TP to Genre - Petites

daffodil lament

I’m sure that only a fan of The Cranberries, like myself, can relate to the title of this post :) I was trying to come up with one that has got something to do with bunnies but the neurons in my brain were having a blast wigglin’ bums on a Saturday night -_- It’s been a while since my last post so I went through the hell hole we call inventory to check on a bunch of stuff I needed to put out.

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